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How do you feel about charity? I mean really?

You’ve spent time researching, collecting, finding the right things to store, spending every last extra dime you have on the future of the just in case…. Then the shit actually hits the fan.

Who would you allow to share in your stores? Who would be with you in your home. I’m not talking about a preset list of people who may have given you money, time, or resources to assist you in your prepping¬†endeavors. I’m not talking about family that you are prepping for to begin with either.

I’m talking about those who know you prep and think that they will come to YOUR house or bug out retreat if anything happens? Or those who know they can count on you to help them out.

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I have been researching, compiling my ideas and creating a map of this site. It is just taking longer than I realized it would. I’m a busy girl. I don’t mind it taking a while…. But I am reminding you just as I am reminding myself that this website is far from finished.

I have kids, and D and work, and everything else I have going on like cooking, canning, dehydrating, reorganizing. I like blogging, I like sharing what I am learning. I am making notes and creating the outline of the greater part of the site. In the next few weeks I will actually start to implement the plan.

Happy storing! :)

I’ve been Jammin. Its been fun. I will do so more in the future. Its fun and I like sharing.

I made a ton of Blackberry, and a ton of strawberry. I gave a bunch of 8oz jars away and started telling people that if they give the jars back I will give them more the next time I make Jam,  the jars cost more than half what it costs to make the jam itself, so why not get them to return them and give them something else in return. :)

I like sharing. :)

This is one my my biggest fears, letting the food strage and supplies overtake me.

Recently there was a death in the family and we were taken with just how much disorganization there was, the multitude of “stuff” it was close to an episode of that show “Hoarders”

A couple of people have asked me, “Are you, like, hoarding food now?”

Ummmmmm not exactly, and its hard for me to try to explain why without sounding like a paranoid freak. Which I am a little bit now a days but Mostly I just smile and forgive them for the ignorance because its better to tell them why they should protect their family and what a good practice it is to consider but when their eyes glaze over and they look bored, I just let it go.

I really don’t want to be disorganized or lose my method in the sheer volume of the storage I am creating for my fairly large family. With 5 kids and 2 adults, there is a lot to consider, you know? Even if it is only for 1 year. There is just SO MUCH and I still have room, I just want to be more organized about it. *ie: more shelves and a better method of rotation*

The loss we endured recently was someone close to our family and she had such a mess is really made me sad, and I guess the wording Hoarding or Hoarder is kind of a hot button for me because it has very negative condentations.

Hoarding is not what I am doing. I am thinking first about my family and the changing economy, if in fact at some point the SHTF I want to be prepared and not freaking out like other zealots. It’s just something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I really am excited and motivated and I am working towards a larger goal. If at any point you have great storage and organizational tips, PLEASE let me know! I love taking those ideas and making them my own in our house!

Also, If you let go of Hobby, get rid of the stuff, don’t keep it around, declutter,let it go, someone else may be able to use it, donate it, or toss it. Don’t let it become a mound on crap in your life!