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I have 3 small dogs. I was supposed to stop after work today and pick up Dog food because we were running low… I got a text while driving home that D had stopped for food, but that it was on sale, maybe I should get some anyway, you know, cause its on sale.

You really need to think about your pets when setting up a plan. How many bags of Dog food do you buy a month? We buy about 1 a month. Until today I had bought an extra 2 bags at different times but when they sell out of them at the store or we don’t see the 44lb bags at the we don’t buy the smaller ones unless it means that our dogs will go hungry otherwise… Why buy smaller amounts, you lose money on it.

so I got 2 additional bags…. If you have the money, try to buy in bulk with sales. We actually could make a bag last about twice a long but we have a roommate with mid to large sized dogs and we also have friends who’s dog come over and pirate food away, it is not a worry so much now. Neither of us mind, but that wouldnt be a concern later.

Just think about it.

If you have a cat, you need kitty litter, food and treats, medications and dental care for them, and all the same for dogs, cept the kitty litter, and maybe chew toys. I thank the heavens our dogs chew on their toys and not on anything else.

Keep track of what you buy your animals, and how often. I know that I had to start paying attention before I really knew how much and how often we truly would HAVE to replenish such things.