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So yesterday I picked up the netted bag I’d purchased the day before of peaches from the “Fresh and Easy” market down the road from where I live. I totally love shopping at that store. But I think, because of the heat the peaches were angry because overnight they got so soft, and some of them had spots on them.

Now granted, they were relatively small and werent hard to begin with, but they went south fast. So I parboiled them, and peeled them, mashed them up and made jam with them.

the recipe I used, is as follows:

Sweet Peach Jam

Juice of 1 medium lemon

3 cups mashed peaches (about 2-2 1/2 pounds)

3/4 cup peach Schnapps

1 pouch liquid pectin (3 ounces)

7 cups sugar

I was afraid it wouldn’t gel with so much liquid but it did. It doesnt taste anything like alcohol and I boiled it for 7 minutes or so, so I am sure there isnt any actual alcohol left in it. But it really really does give a lot of peach flavor.

I processed it, in 15, 4oz Kerr Jars. I decided to make it in smaller jars because I wasnt sure what I would use it for (other than making thumbprint cookies and maybe adding to a chicken marinade for some dish.)

A while ago, someone suggested smaller jars for smaller batches so that I could kind of test of flavors and recipes, and be able to give them out and let more people try them while not spending more incase they didnt like them. Also I think that being able to make several flavors in the small jars will be awesome because then I can give 3 or 4 jars away at a time in sampler sets. which may be awesome for Christmas.

D has a huge family and they always do a Christmas thing, no need to remind me, I am still away that I am a Jew, but I do give gifts to my children for Christmas, its about family and fun for us, not religion.

So, its super yummy, amazing really. But even D asked me what the heck I was doing making Jam on SUCH a hot day. I told him, its either today or not at all tomorrow the peaches will be dust. (Ok maybe not that bad, but gross enough to not want to make them into something else.)

Because of the work that D does, there are a lot of his customers who store food, know about storing food, wish they were storing food, or atleast understand storing food.

D’s work is from home. His workshop is partially in the garage and partially in the basement. So if he wants to show someone something or they are hanging out while D works on their stuff they go down to the basement which is where my food strage space is. Its not hiding away. Where we live and what my D does means that we dont worry what people see, since most people already know what they should be doing. Also the ones who would be welcome here if the SHTF already know that they would be welcome, just bring your gear along with them.

Anyhow my point was that 2 of his associate/ customers have given me some really amazing tips in the last few days. The alarm system guy who did the alarm/camera system in our house had a chat with me about seeding in Arizona. I was talking about how I wanted to purchase a collection of seeds from and he said that he had actually, not only done that but planted a lot of them but, because we are in arizona it is not the best place to grow all of the vegtables but there are a bunch of amazing veggies that grow really well here that they don’t offer here. So J mentioned another website that I should look at……  I haven’t checked it out yet but I have a lot of faith in it. Also its made me think a lot about looking for a book about gardening specifically in Arizona. I think that might be a good idea for any state you live in, when I buy it, I will let you know what book I find, and if I find any useful information. He also mentioned a local Arizona norsery called Baker Creek nursery for seedlings and seeds. I gotta check them out too.

Also I was talking to another friend/customer of my man’s today and he mentioned Honeyville Farms, He said it was near the 10 east of the 10 actually, he said that it was on Chandler… (note to self more than anything***) He said it was a place like a mormon store house for food storage but more stuff and although a bit more expensive it really was reasonably priced and ALOT in number 10 cans.

So that had nothing to do with my actual post but I honestly think that these insights from locals AND people who have some experience means a lot.

Because of a recent death in our family, I havent been able to even try out my bread maker let alone experiment with it. :/….. But today I prepared a bunch of potatos for dehydrating and then I started in on the bread. my first loaf of a basic white french loaf. I thought it was lacking a little in the salt department even though I actually followed the recipe to a T…. But with a little butter on the warm bread it was amazing, my kids all had some, D’s dad had some, so did our roommate and they all liked it a lot.

I am now baking another loaf “basic white” I would have started with that but I didnt have any “Open” dry milk, I didnt really want to break out a 5 gallon bucket for bread…. not for this. So D’s father picked some up for me at the store and that is actually running right now. Tomorrow morning I am going to make some cinnomon raison swirl bread and we will go from there. I really wanted to try some basics before I stepped into experimentation. I purchased a book on bread machine recipes and I will expound upon different recipes once I have tried the basics and try newer different things from there.

I am rambling. But I really am excited about this step and am glad i have finally had the opportunity to make a few loafs of bread in my new bread maker! YAY!

About two weeks before Valentines D asked me, what I wanted for Valentines.

I am difficult (romantically) to shop for. I don’t like flowers, jewelry (unless I make it myself), candy, and stuffed animals albeit cute on occasion are given thanks for and handed off to my children.

Men cant just go out any buy things like, a vacuum cleaner, a standing mixer (which I want) or a treadmill (also a want) without chancing making a huge ass out of themselves. It really can make a bad statement. You don’t clean/cook enough or the far worse… honey I think your fat…. I rarely think that men actually mean to do it and I don’t think that women really mean to take the meaning of these things in that way…. But we all know it happens. I don’t have to be a feminist (which thank the heavens I am not) to truly grasp this concept.

***Side story…

D once told me, that although I wasnt as young or as hard bodied as the girls he had previously dated, he loved me anyway.

He didnt see the harm. But he called me fat and old in one swift kick and since he was drunk he couldnt understand why I was upset.

In his head he stated…. You may not be perfect, but your perfect to ME.”

He spent the rest of the night apologizing for the foot in mouth syndrome.

To be clear, every person (including his friends) that have heard this story, visibly wince when I or he repeats what he said to me.

His friends are merciless. they pick on me constantly, like I am one of the boys. It almost never bothers me.

I digress.

end side story***

So to avoid any awkwardness he just asks when he is unsure. My goals and interests have recently shifted anyway and buying me a $100 bottle of perfume just makes me sad I didnt get something else I could really use…. Like an electric wheat grinder.

I asked him for either an excalibur dehydrator ($200-250) Or a bread machine (about $100)

I came home Sunday February 13th from work and he had purchased me an Oyster dehydrator from walmart (Its the only one they had, he said) “D, thanks for remembering, sort of, what I asked for, do you remember me stating 5 or 6 times that if you got me a dehydrator that the only one I wanted was an Excalibur dehydrator? Because I already have an $80 dehydrator, and now I want a cadillac of dehydrators.” His response was “Oh, yeah I remember you saying that brand name, isnt that the one you showed me on Amazon?

So I odered the bread maker I wanted with his credit card and also got a bread machine book, bread slicer, and bread saver box by Progressive (Which I am finding has a lot of neat kitchen stuff) it all amounted to about 130 bucks.

I’m really excited. The whole point of this post is to say…. I got the bread machine in the mail today! YAY! I had gotten all the other stuff but the actual untit showed today AND it showed 2 hours before my planned trip to Costco, which means I could semi-plan more specifically for some ingredients. I think I am actually going to buy a 25 lb bag of flour… and use it….

This is my 3rd step of experimentation.

 I began with dehydrating, borrowed a dehydrator, did some research, bought a few books, started putting it all “up” and  I have found that I really enjoy it and its not as hard as one would think. So I took the next step and bought a dehydrator of my own.

Then I  started water bath canning and gotten all of the books research and “stuff” I need to do it. I have done 6 rounds I’m improving, but it is surely an exact science I want to get better at before jumping on to pressure canning.

So now on to baking my own bread. I am quite a baker anyhow, I know how to bake bread home made from scratch. Challah is to DIE for. See… Jew remember, I grew up with mom making it.

Experimenting and learning to use the food you store (ie. flour, yeast, dry milk, and the like) on a regular basis is important I know it is better to know how to make it, but the convenience of a bread maker will allow me to get it started and then go to work and not have to kneed and hang out while its baking… But still allowing me to use what I am storing. Besides, Freshly baked bread smells amazing and the bread maker won’t kill us in the height of summer the same way the actual stove will. I live in Arizona.

Actually it only started a few months ago. Seems like longer but the first week of December, D said, theres something on this forum (that he always posts on) that I should watch.

It was a video about the decline of the country, the enormous debt and the fact that our dollar is on its way to failing. It started with Black Friday and the mindless horde of people who were out to save a buck were trampling people (Like they do every year.)

It really scared me. I mean, seriously.

~~~ I was raised by a hippy. That should say it all but I will expound by saying that I have grown up and become quite the conservative.~~~

Watching that 2 minute video made me realize more than I think I had allowed myself to, or maybe just made it more apparent.

Think about it, a couple of weeks ago there was a blizzard in Chicago (all over the midwest and the east, but my sister lives in Chicago) She heard about the blizzard and days before she went out, got a few things she needed, like EXTRA candles and more batteries and they closed the shop where she worked for 3 days, her kids were off school. She told me they planned to watch some rented movies and hang out as a family. If the power went out, there were board games and batteries in the boombox. The next day as the snow began to fall, people went nucking futs, the shelves of the stores were wiped. People were fighting over cases of water.

Its disheartening, but this is what slapped me in the face. There is only a 3 day supply for the full local population in relation to any given grocery store. (Did you know that?)

My reaction to this video….

“Babe, I gotta learn how to start doing food storage and you gottan buy more ammo.”

See, guns… guns we got. Food on the other hand, its always been one of those things we discussed starting to do, one of these days, when we have some extra money. But its much more pressing than that. I just needed a blaring alarm clock to sound the times.

I soon started researching, online, in the library, and I am a hell of a reader so I have started buying books (the importance of keeping on hand for reference later may be important anyhow.) I have gathered so much information. I plan on putting a lot of my notes and findings into my blog here somehow.

One of the first pages I went to, not even realizing it, was one of the highly commercialized prepper dried food sites, *shrug* it gave me a little bit of information. But mostly it was jut enough information to scare you into buying their food.

The one thing that I did get from that first site was watching another video, very similar and even a few (maybe the same) clips from the previous video. In this video it shares a senario of China finally saying up yours to the US asking for more debt to be purchased, and the stock market crashing, everyone flipping the fuck out and with in hours every store in the city be wiped clean of food… Then the hysteria would begin, without plan or thought. I SEE this shit, I have no faith in humanity.

My brother was always the most cynical liberal I’d ever known. He said I would die an optomist. I want to believe the best in people. I have such a happy hope for people. But I am growing up.

I went to work the next morning after spending hours online after having seen both of these videos and told my co-workers that I had scared myself shitless, that I had made myself paranoid.

But I hadent. I had opened my eyes. Realized that I needed to just function on a different plain of thought. I don’t have to be a a closeted militia type to prepare myself and I don’t need to be a mormon either, though there have been jokes about working towards an honorary LDS membership.

Some areas I am working on? Slowly gathering. Learning new skills and starting to buy all of the appliances that I need to put up and prepare foods that you should get in bulk.

more on all that later though. you see why I want to do this and that was the point of this post. Have a good night all.

  So I have been thinking about writing another blog for a while. I started with journals as a kid. I kept my journals for about 8 years ( ages 12-20) but when my mother died I was about 20 1/2  and I threw out every diary I had ever written. I shouldn’t have, but grief makes you do silly shit and at the time….. they didn’t matter, they were small…. meaningless.  They still are, really, sometimes though I wish I had them to go back into.

Then in 2006 I started an account, which didn’t last because they had just so many rules. So I started a Livejournal account. One of my friends had a live journal account and all of her friend and a bunch of mine kept asking me what my screen name was so they could add me…So I kept one, for about 3 years, and then I got a domain and set up wordpress and I loved it!!!!  No limits, no bullshit rules, no one to please. I loved it.

I hosted my wordpress on a friends hosting server. When he quit, I backed it all up, I half assed purchased and meant to set it back up, but did I actually get back around to it? Nope. Not till now.

So I am starting 3 blogs. I find the need to blog 3 fold. I will explain….

1.)Although my life is an intricate web and they will all interweave (the blogs I mean) from time to time, I have very defined needs in blogs. I shall explain…

2.) I want to talk about prepping, all my research and the new things I try and read, the plans I have mapped out and how things have worked for me. Also the reasons I feel strongly about prepping. So many people (dear god I don’t mean everyone) feel the need to half assed explain their methods, or assume others know or have researched what they are discussing and therefore do not give explanations or they are willing to share EVERYTHING with you that they have found works, doesn’t, or is worth giving a shot….. but for a price… I don’t give a shit about the money although I am down for donations for pricing of hosting and shit but I am not really worried about it THAT much or I would have a plot ready to lay out for the money.

I want to talk about my politics which is more that just my ideals, it is shit talking that doesn’t need to encompass my prepping research and findings and some of my politics and ideals are personal but not all of it. Again my life will over shadow other areas more often than not.

I will have a personal blog with my retarded interweb finds, my personal day to day bullshit and my love of family, my kids, social goings on, and maybe sometimes god, and of coarse guns….

3.) I don’t really want one area of my beliefs or ideals to overshadow the message of one blog to another although I am sure occasionally I will cross pollinate all the blogs with the same posts.

I’ll tell you a little bit about who and what I am…. Eventually I plan on setting up a bio on my blogs but for now…

I am 32 years old…. a Jew, a working mom (currently) employed at an Internet company (Guess which one), insanely head over-heels for my amazing man (Who we shall call just “D” or “The Shocker” (the name Shocker has relevance, to be explained I am sure at some point), a beginning, learning experimenting prepper, a conservative constitutionalist, and a submissive kinky bitch. I don’t know how to be selfish, and I am fiercely loyal and honest to a fault, I forgive easily, but I never trust the same… just sayin’.

The reason why I think these things are important? I am slightly warped in a silly and somewhat torrid way, I get that. Sometimes I piss people off but for the most part 95% of the time, I’d say, I am liked, but I know using terms like “raging lib” or “militant lesbian” will cross my lips and I mean then when I say them, but they aren’t always blanket statements, and if they are (stereo types are sometimes in place for good reason) there are pretty much always exceptions to the rule.

I also don’t want to mention something as a highlight in a blog or link to something about a party or a raunchy night with my man and have someone think something is wrong, someone is being mistreated or that they think they have any right to pry beyond what information your given. You can ask questions, be welcome to try… But I am almost unoffendable and if you think that asking offensive questions gets more than a chuckle out of me, please try, just don’t expect a response.

I really hope that I can at least spread on something useful, in the prepper blog if nothing else. If I’m not clear about something, please ask for clarification, I’m down to clarify.

Last but not least. My nickname is “the Jew” D calls me that, he introduces me as “the Jew”  I’m not offended…. I AM a Jew and if you plan to be offended on my behalf, don’t rant at me about it and don’t complain about your offense in comments, its a good way to be blocked.