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So I tried to sprouting before, sort of. I  talked about it before “Oregano Sprouts” But they died.

I bought this sprout pack and seeds like 3 months ago I think. Never used it because I just hadn’t had time. Till now.

So here is my adventure in sprouting, that actually worked! “I didn’t kill them!!!” (I have such a black thumb)

So here’s what we start with.

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I thought that I would announce, that my oregano sprouts died.  I forgot about them.  they were in a brown standing back with a plastic bag and they were in a corner. I should have put them somewhere more prominent. I am going to continue to try.  I WILL get better at it.  I am certain that I will.

I was reading over some of my posts and realized that I never followed up on that. I messed it up and I should take responsibility. We are all going to falter and flop. Its trying again and not worrying about the previous mistakes that helps us to persevere.

Okay So I bought a sprouting tray and a 2 lb sampler of different seeds for sprouting but I just havent had the time. I even bought a book about sprouting.

The thing is… I want to get into planting and seeds. I have a black thumb. I either love plants to death (water and sun them too much to often) or I forget about them, or I try not to water them to much to avoid the black death but in doing so kill them that way instead.

I know that seeds and sowing is an important skill to have “Just in case” but my thing is just keeping things alive.

I was at a local grocery store recently, (Fresh and Easy) which I like because they have decent prices on veggies and fruit, and its really close to my house. So I found this little oregano in a bag planting thing. You rip the bag top off, pour the seeds and gently cover them, cover the bag with a plastic bag and wait 3 or 4 days, then uncover, carefully water and place in the sun to grow and turn green….

ITS GREEN… They are tiny but omg I actually made something grow from a seed. This is very exciting. I think I need to take the time to make sprouts now. I actually really like sprouts and I think that I could really get into them for salads and more often on sandwiches and other stuff.

My next plan is a book on the local stuff to grow here and start actually buying the seeds. I need to do a little garden patch in the back yard, its a waste not to have one in the entire acre of the backyard.

Hopefully the Oregano growns to full size.

I’m going to try to read the book I have on gardening and sowing seeds.