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My daughter came home today from having spent the night at a friends house. Her friend with whom she stayed, sleeps over often (the previous night included, actually) She is one of only 2 of my daughters friends who are allowed in the house per their parents because of what my Hub does (Gun Smithing, run from home, which means there are plenty of (unloaded guns, mostly in pieces all over the house) Parents who don’t allow their children over don’t understand guns, and therefore, in their ignorance think our home is unsafe. Only carry guns in our home are loaded (only my carry gun is ot, being a revolver) and those hand guns in our room where children are not allowed are actually loaded (but not hot)

I digress.

My daughters friend, lets call her Jenny comes over often, asks questions about my prepping and then I assume she passes this information on to her parents.

Well last night her daughter was supposed to sleep over a second night but she wanted her daughter to watch a meteor shower from her house (which they ended up not being able to view) so she invited Katelynn to come along. The reason she wanted them there is she doesnt trust that if she asked me to have them watch it, that I actually would. I get it, a little bit (or a lot) of distrust is healthy.

Anyhow, my daughter informs me that Jenny’s mom is starting to prep.  She has thus far begun with nursing and contagion equipment. They think this will happen within our life times just as I do, but not nearly as soon as I do, in feeling this way her and her husband have yet to start any form of food storage and in being very well off have decided more than likely to purchase multiple years of pre put together packages of dried, dehydrated and long term staples.

I need to remind you that this is all second hand. But they do own guns and have had multiple conversations with my man about his expertise and abilities.  My daughter mentions to me this afternoon that they are planning multiple friends and families to get together to a “yet to be decided” place and they plan to create a compound.  She gave me more details that I won’t pass on because its to much information for you and I don’t like sharing others prepping choices to that extent.

The thing that really caught me off guard was that they have decided that they would like to ask several families if they would like to join them in this endeavor and that they are strongly considering asking my guy and I if we would like to join them. They are only considering friends and family who will be able to offer something to the group. Apparently my prepping skills, my library and my decent food storage (already in place) gives reason and the fact that no one other than my man that they know has ANY hunting skills and he is a gun smith. (I will mention now that my man is off hunting for elk now as I type this, and in a few weeks after that he will be going up to Nebraska to hunt deer.)

Its very flattering in one way. I wasnt aware they were even considering prepping, but I am happy that they are considering being prepared for the worse even if it doesnt come anytime soon. But on the other hand…. I am a little  put off to have my pros and cons be tossed about my people who doesnt know my business my true skills and the extent of anything n my home beyond their daughter Jenny.

In the end, You never know who knows, who is taking notice and who would like to include you, you need friends, you may want to pool resources, OP-SEC is hugely important, its hard to do it all on your own. Try to prep more than you need. Even if its to give and send them on their way. If you can’t… Well don’t.

We wouldnt be leaving our home unless we absolutely had to. Our plans for the next year are goats, sheep, chickens and maybe start considering rabbits. This is for meat, eggs, and dairy. This isnt something that can be just uprooted. I would only consider relocating to another state, near more water, on some land with space. We have one couple of friends with that idea, with the land they own. Its a matter of building the houses we need with everything off the grid. It is a plan, but who knows if we will have time to make this happen, most people including us, don’t have the endless funds to make this kind of thing happen on demand. Cross your fingers we will have the time, if not we are preparing our home here and planning to dig in.


I while ago I was watching some Youtube videos and I stumbled across one that showed a families food storage pantry room and they had these cardboard can organizers. I looked around for them, but I have always been awful at “Key word”
or what phrase to use in the search angine to find what I am looking for, even when you would think it would be easy, I will miss it. *sometimes at least*

Then a friend of mine contacts me about 2 weeks later and links me to this site and asks if I wanted to get some “with” her to share on the shipping costs. So we got a bunch (I got 20 and she got a dozen)

They are amazing, Here is a snippet of my food storage before and after:



I really would LOVE to afford Shelf Reliance shelving units but I just can’t afford that right now. Even if I get one or two (which I probably will eventualy) I will probably keep them for larger cans that just won’t fit into the can organizers.  I was so excited with the turn out that I actually emailed the company and told them how amazing I thought it was.

With having children who are constantly running down to the food torage (in the basement) and getting this or that that I need, sometimes things are taken out of order even when it takes me ages to keep them in FIFO (First In Forst Out) order. So this takes the guess work out of it.

When I started researching, one of the things I found is that using FOOD Grade plastic buckets are very important. I have said this before, and I will say this again, the way you store your food is just as important, if not more important than the money that you spend on the food itself.

The reason that I say that is that many of the foods you buy, you will buy a bulk of it in the first couple of years while you are gathering your greatest amounts of food and then after that you will only be purchasing to rotate. So in essence, the way you store your food may be around 10-30 years for the long term staples. Its okay to save money though if its at all possible.

D uses pickle buckets for his work, what he does is take things apart to work on them and while they are in pieces he will place those pieces into a 5 gallon bucket so that they stay with the rest of that particular machine. One of his customers brings them by occasionally, he manages a place where they make sandwiches.

So I know they are food grade, but I didn’t know how to get rid of the god awful smell. I did some research and some of what I have found works and others totally didn’t. So I will give you a running tally of what I found, what I tried and whats worked for me. There is only one method that I found that I haven’t tried and I would give credit but I found it on a forum and it was only a 3 line paragraph by “anon”

I digress.

So plastic food grade 5 gallon tubs CAN be purchased. But they really are rather expensive, and like I said D has a friend who gives them to us for free. Which is totally worth putting a little bit of effort into them.

I found this basic list with a few ideas on on how to implement (on most) on various forums, not in the same place, sometimes only one idea on a page. It probably took me 2 hours of searching for all of these ideas. I am not complaining, I just want to paint a picture. Its easy to find one or two of these answers everywhere but the biggest one I have found is to use vinegar on copious amounts or bleach.

Ideas Found:

  • used coffee grounds mixed with warm water
  • oxy clean with water left in the sun
  • a bowl of charcoal briquettes and leave the lids on (5-10 days)
  • lemon juice
  • dish washing liquid
  • tomato juice watered down
  • news paper

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A friend of mine is doing a Water Bath Canning party.  Just a canning 101 kind of deal to give the basics.

She asked me if I would like to talk a little bit about food storage. Why to store food, and where to begin. I haven’t ever really done anything like that before but I am totally happy to talk to people about doing food storage and explain why it is SOOOOO important.

Send me a personal message at phedrespaz at g mail dot com (please forgive me, I prefer not to add links for my email on my blog due to spammers) My friend who is throw this shindig is going to give me a free gift to give away to some lucky email entry! It comes with a bunch of coupons for canning as well.

Awesome, right? So shoot me an email and I will let you know how the talk goes.   :)

D sent me this. It made me lol. Cause its true.

I went to Costco yesterday. I spent ummmm $386 I didnt get any frozen stuff except the steaks for dinner (We were having a BBQ and D had forgotten to take the Elk steaks out) and a few things the children requested that they make on nights that we go out or I’m to lazy to cook. I only cook 3 or 4 times a week honestly. I am trying to be better about it, but its a fact of life with me having a full time job and D not cooking anything that doesnt involve a BBQ grill. I don’t mind it and my kids aer old enough to make chicken bakes, soup, chili and other things on their own….. And by the way, my kids LOVE oatmeal, the plain kind that they can add fruit and nuts to.

I currently have a deep freezer and one of our fridge freezers full of stuff from costsco and then the other one is more than half full of elk meat. Sometimes we have venison or wild pig and other various game that D’s customers have bagged and don’t have room to store all of in their freezers. I would prefer my freezers be full of that anyhow since I know it isnt full of chemicals and water weight.

I digress.

So I get home from my shopping expedition and realize just how out of space I am. Now, I knew for the last 6 or 8 grocery trips that I have had to rearrange things EVERY time I come home with more food. But the amount of stuff I brought home yesterday was just more overwhelming than I realized. I started moving things and realizing that I had nowhere else to actually move them to.

At this point, as a fair assessment, I would say I have about a total of 3 months of normal consumption, maybe 4 if strapped. I’ve enlisted D’s Shop Helper to build me a FIFO shelving system, but he probably ownt get around to it for maybe a month… So for now what I plan to do is take some boards and create some additional shelving in an area that normally contains gun cases (Empty) and put the cases in the gun room where the guns are hanging on the walls. I think there is room in the closet in there.

You have to realize, it isnt just me and D, we have 5 children between the 2 of us and we have a fat ass roommate who I prefer not live here, but he does. This is why a 4 month food supply would such a large amount of space. I need more food service shelves. Wish they weren’t so stupidly expensive. I REALLY with the Shelf Reliance Shelves werent so expensive because I would totally buy those.

Okay So I bought a sprouting tray and a 2 lb sampler of different seeds for sprouting but I just havent had the time. I even bought a book about sprouting.

The thing is… I want to get into planting and seeds. I have a black thumb. I either love plants to death (water and sun them too much to often) or I forget about them, or I try not to water them to much to avoid the black death but in doing so kill them that way instead.

I know that seeds and sowing is an important skill to have “Just in case” but my thing is just keeping things alive.

I was at a local grocery store recently, (Fresh and Easy) which I like because they have decent prices on veggies and fruit, and its really close to my house. So I found this little oregano in a bag planting thing. You rip the bag top off, pour the seeds and gently cover them, cover the bag with a plastic bag and wait 3 or 4 days, then uncover, carefully water and place in the sun to grow and turn green….

ITS GREEN… They are tiny but omg I actually made something grow from a seed. This is very exciting. I think I need to take the time to make sprouts now. I actually really like sprouts and I think that I could really get into them for salads and more often on sandwiches and other stuff.

My next plan is a book on the local stuff to grow here and start actually buying the seeds. I need to do a little garden patch in the back yard, its a waste not to have one in the entire acre of the backyard.

Hopefully the Oregano growns to full size.

I’m going to try to read the book I have on gardening and sowing seeds.

I am sure you have heard about the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night with the overwhelming need to go out and buy at least a hundred pounds of rice.

Do I know where we get our rice from? Nope but I guess in my middle of the night haze it was Japan. I’m going to have to check on this because I swear we grew a bunch of rice here too.

This isnt really a blog that is useful to anyone but I think its kind of funny to have been sooooo panicked at 4 in the morning when I should have been happily sleeping. I hope that I am not the only prepper who has strange moments of “Ah Ha! I need to add that to my list” in the middle of the night….. Or any other time for that matter.

So D has a business partner “T” and last night he came over with his wife Eve (Its to ironic for me to just use the last initial) D and T had been talking about getting she and I together for months now. Shes just really pregnant and not very social lately… Makes sense right? She is actually due in 9 days which kind of shocks me that she is open to going out so close to having the baby.

Anyhow… We talked about a lot while the boys drank their whiskey/coke. About the baby and her super cute 3 year old, and work and her college and then we started talking about food storage. She isnt really doing it yet, but she is planning on getting it started. I showed her what I had and talked about some of the research I had done and some of the things that she had found. It seems we had visited a few of the same sites, she is actually really excited about I like that site, there are a few things I picked up there that I hadent seen anywhere else.

So while were standing around my shelves of food storage, I mention that I need to actually start purchasing the food grade 5 gallon buckets and the mylar and blah blah blah (Blah Blah Blah is me making a mental note to discuss this option at length another time.) and she said… You know what we were thinking about is filling each 5 gallon bucket with a few different things, to balance it and add variety. I asked her for an example and since I had just been holding up vacuum packed dried fruit she mentioned dried fruit, rice, beans, wheat, and maybe pasta and said but smaller amounts of it all, say 3-5 lbs of everything, seal them separately, then place them all in a Mylar bag and seal all of that together and and that way instead of opening 3 or 4, 5 gallon buckets at a time you will have a smaller amount balanced out and you can change the variety from bucket to bucket.

It makes A LOT of sense, its a really amazing idea and I think that it warrents more thought. I don’t think that the dried fruit may do as well in the long term but I want to research that too. I have gotten some conflicting information about shelf lives of dehydrated fruits. I wonder if it is the moisture level or the sugar levels or what… Even if I removed that and just rotated the buckets with  a split of rice, beans, wheat and pasta, it may be a pretty excellent idea. Espescially for the shorter term outlook of rotating and using the food storage so that we can use the different basics and change things like the types of beans or pasta.

Its really an amazing idea. Bravo Eve!

  So I have been thinking about writing another blog for a while. I started with journals as a kid. I kept my journals for about 8 years ( ages 12-20) but when my mother died I was about 20 1/2  and I threw out every diary I had ever written. I shouldn’t have, but grief makes you do silly shit and at the time….. they didn’t matter, they were small…. meaningless.  They still are, really, sometimes though I wish I had them to go back into.

Then in 2006 I started an account, which didn’t last because they had just so many rules. So I started a Livejournal account. One of my friends had a live journal account and all of her friend and a bunch of mine kept asking me what my screen name was so they could add me…So I kept one, for about 3 years, and then I got a domain and set up wordpress and I loved it!!!!  No limits, no bullshit rules, no one to please. I loved it.

I hosted my wordpress on a friends hosting server. When he quit, I backed it all up, I half assed purchased and meant to set it back up, but did I actually get back around to it? Nope. Not till now.

So I am starting 3 blogs. I find the need to blog 3 fold. I will explain….

1.)Although my life is an intricate web and they will all interweave (the blogs I mean) from time to time, I have very defined needs in blogs. I shall explain…

2.) I want to talk about prepping, all my research and the new things I try and read, the plans I have mapped out and how things have worked for me. Also the reasons I feel strongly about prepping. So many people (dear god I don’t mean everyone) feel the need to half assed explain their methods, or assume others know or have researched what they are discussing and therefore do not give explanations or they are willing to share EVERYTHING with you that they have found works, doesn’t, or is worth giving a shot….. but for a price… I don’t give a shit about the money although I am down for donations for pricing of hosting and shit but I am not really worried about it THAT much or I would have a plot ready to lay out for the money.

I want to talk about my politics which is more that just my ideals, it is shit talking that doesn’t need to encompass my prepping research and findings and some of my politics and ideals are personal but not all of it. Again my life will over shadow other areas more often than not.

I will have a personal blog with my retarded interweb finds, my personal day to day bullshit and my love of family, my kids, social goings on, and maybe sometimes god, and of coarse guns….

3.) I don’t really want one area of my beliefs or ideals to overshadow the message of one blog to another although I am sure occasionally I will cross pollinate all the blogs with the same posts.

I’ll tell you a little bit about who and what I am…. Eventually I plan on setting up a bio on my blogs but for now…

I am 32 years old…. a Jew, a working mom (currently) employed at an Internet company (Guess which one), insanely head over-heels for my amazing man (Who we shall call just “D” or “The Shocker” (the name Shocker has relevance, to be explained I am sure at some point), a beginning, learning experimenting prepper, a conservative constitutionalist, and a submissive kinky bitch. I don’t know how to be selfish, and I am fiercely loyal and honest to a fault, I forgive easily, but I never trust the same… just sayin’.

The reason why I think these things are important? I am slightly warped in a silly and somewhat torrid way, I get that. Sometimes I piss people off but for the most part 95% of the time, I’d say, I am liked, but I know using terms like “raging lib” or “militant lesbian” will cross my lips and I mean then when I say them, but they aren’t always blanket statements, and if they are (stereo types are sometimes in place for good reason) there are pretty much always exceptions to the rule.

I also don’t want to mention something as a highlight in a blog or link to something about a party or a raunchy night with my man and have someone think something is wrong, someone is being mistreated or that they think they have any right to pry beyond what information your given. You can ask questions, be welcome to try… But I am almost unoffendable and if you think that asking offensive questions gets more than a chuckle out of me, please try, just don’t expect a response.

I really hope that I can at least spread on something useful, in the prepper blog if nothing else. If I’m not clear about something, please ask for clarification, I’m down to clarify.

Last but not least. My nickname is “the Jew” D calls me that, he introduces me as “the Jew”  I’m not offended…. I AM a Jew and if you plan to be offended on my behalf, don’t rant at me about it and don’t complain about your offense in comments, its a good way to be blocked.