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My daughter came home today from having spent the night at a friends house. Her friend with whom she stayed, sleeps over often (the previous night included, actually) She is one of only 2 of my daughters friends who are allowed in the house per their parents because of what my Hub does (Gun Smithing, run from home, which means there are plenty of (unloaded guns, mostly in pieces all over the house) Parents who don’t allow their children over don’t understand guns, and therefore, in their ignorance think our home is unsafe. Only carry guns in our home are loaded (only my carry gun is ot, being a revolver) and those hand guns in our room where children are not allowed are actually loaded (but not hot)

I digress.

My daughters friend, lets call her Jenny comes over often, asks questions about my prepping and then I assume she passes this information on to her parents.

Well last night her daughter was supposed to sleep over a second night but she wanted her daughter to watch a meteor shower from her house (which they ended up not being able to view) so she invited Katelynn to come along. The reason she wanted them there is she doesnt trust that if she asked me to have them watch it, that I actually would. I get it, a little bit (or a lot) of distrust is healthy.

Anyhow, my daughter informs me that Jenny’s mom is starting to prep.  She has thus far begun with nursing and contagion equipment. They think this will happen within our life times just as I do, but not nearly as soon as I do, in feeling this way her and her husband have yet to start any form of food storage and in being very well off have decided more than likely to purchase multiple years of pre put together packages of dried, dehydrated and long term staples.

I need to remind you that this is all second hand. But they do own guns and have had multiple conversations with my man about his expertise and abilities.  My daughter mentions to me this afternoon that they are planning multiple friends and families to get together to a “yet to be decided” place and they plan to create a compound.  She gave me more details that I won’t pass on because its to much information for you and I don’t like sharing others prepping choices to that extent.

The thing that really caught me off guard was that they have decided that they would like to ask several families if they would like to join them in this endeavor and that they are strongly considering asking my guy and I if we would like to join them. They are only considering friends and family who will be able to offer something to the group. Apparently my prepping skills, my library and my decent food storage (already in place) gives reason and the fact that no one other than my man that they know has ANY hunting skills and he is a gun smith. (I will mention now that my man is off hunting for elk now as I type this, and in a few weeks after that he will be going up to Nebraska to hunt deer.)

Its very flattering in one way. I wasnt aware they were even considering prepping, but I am happy that they are considering being prepared for the worse even if it doesnt come anytime soon. But on the other hand…. I am a little  put off to have my pros and cons be tossed about my people who doesnt know my business my true skills and the extent of anything n my home beyond their daughter Jenny.

In the end, You never know who knows, who is taking notice and who would like to include you, you need friends, you may want to pool resources, OP-SEC is hugely important, its hard to do it all on your own. Try to prep more than you need. Even if its to give and send them on their way. If you can’t… Well don’t.

We wouldnt be leaving our home unless we absolutely had to. Our plans for the next year are goats, sheep, chickens and maybe start considering rabbits. This is for meat, eggs, and dairy. This isnt something that can be just uprooted. I would only consider relocating to another state, near more water, on some land with space. We have one couple of friends with that idea, with the land they own. Its a matter of building the houses we need with everything off the grid. It is a plan, but who knows if we will have time to make this happen, most people including us, don’t have the endless funds to make this kind of thing happen on demand. Cross your fingers we will have the time, if not we are preparing our home here and planning to dig in.


Its AMAZING! Its like being able to share all of my inside information, everything from HUNDREDS of hours of reading books and internet research and youtube videos can actually be given to someone who has a very personal connection to me.

My sister manages a gun store, she is very conservative and shockingly we now have a lot of the same views. I never really saw that coming.

Growing up, when we were quite a bit younger there were times of not enough to eat for dinner, or very little to nothing in the kitchen, later in our childhoods we always had a plentiful pantry. While with our mothers and then later when we were older.

She watches the same news I do, sees the same things coming that I do and came to the same conclusion and honestly makes more money (between her husband and herself vs me and mine) and if she’d been able to, she would be done with it by now, but she started later and frankly doesnt have the space I do, so she’s looking for tips, and basic information, she calls often and asks me if something is a good tip or what have I learned about this or that.

Its AMAZING to have someone to tap into, to ask about “glassing eggs” or “waxing cheese” both of which have been recent research endeavors and I will get into them in more depth in the next few days.

My sister lives about 500 miles away from me, so I can’t be there to help but we are close so its really nice to have something additional in common to be able to talk about and share resources.

This is one my my biggest fears, letting the food strage and supplies overtake me.

Recently there was a death in the family and we were taken with just how much disorganization there was, the multitude of “stuff” it was close to an episode of that show “Hoarders”

A couple of people have asked me, “Are you, like, hoarding food now?”

Ummmmmm not exactly, and its hard for me to try to explain why without sounding like a paranoid freak. Which I am a little bit now a days but Mostly I just smile and forgive them for the ignorance because its better to tell them why they should protect their family and what a good practice it is to consider but when their eyes glaze over and they look bored, I just let it go.

I really don’t want to be disorganized or lose my method in the sheer volume of the storage I am creating for my fairly large family. With 5 kids and 2 adults, there is a lot to consider, you know? Even if it is only for 1 year. There is just SO MUCH and I still have room, I just want to be more organized about it. *ie: more shelves and a better method of rotation*

The loss we endured recently was someone close to our family and she had such a mess is really made me sad, and I guess the wording Hoarding or Hoarder is kind of a hot button for me because it has very negative condentations.

Hoarding is not what I am doing. I am thinking first about my family and the changing economy, if in fact at some point the SHTF I want to be prepared and not freaking out like other zealots. It’s just something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I really am excited and motivated and I am working towards a larger goal. If at any point you have great storage and organizational tips, PLEASE let me know! I love taking those ideas and making them my own in our house!

Also, If you let go of Hobby, get rid of the stuff, don’t keep it around, declutter,let it go, someone else may be able to use it, donate it, or toss it. Don’t let it become a mound on crap in your life!

Actually it only started a few months ago. Seems like longer but the first week of December, D said, theres something on this forum (that he always posts on) that I should watch.

It was a video about the decline of the country, the enormous debt and the fact that our dollar is on its way to failing. It started with Black Friday and the mindless horde of people who were out to save a buck were trampling people (Like they do every year.)

It really scared me. I mean, seriously.

~~~ I was raised by a hippy. That should say it all but I will expound by saying that I have grown up and become quite the conservative.~~~

Watching that 2 minute video made me realize more than I think I had allowed myself to, or maybe just made it more apparent.

Think about it, a couple of weeks ago there was a blizzard in Chicago (all over the midwest and the east, but my sister lives in Chicago) She heard about the blizzard and days before she went out, got a few things she needed, like EXTRA candles and more batteries and they closed the shop where she worked for 3 days, her kids were off school. She told me they planned to watch some rented movies and hang out as a family. If the power went out, there were board games and batteries in the boombox. The next day as the snow began to fall, people went nucking futs, the shelves of the stores were wiped. People were fighting over cases of water.

Its disheartening, but this is what slapped me in the face. There is only a 3 day supply for the full local population in relation to any given grocery store. (Did you know that?)

My reaction to this video….

“Babe, I gotta learn how to start doing food storage and you gottan buy more ammo.”

See, guns… guns we got. Food on the other hand, its always been one of those things we discussed starting to do, one of these days, when we have some extra money. But its much more pressing than that. I just needed a blaring alarm clock to sound the times.

I soon started researching, online, in the library, and I am a hell of a reader so I have started buying books (the importance of keeping on hand for reference later may be important anyhow.) I have gathered so much information. I plan on putting a lot of my notes and findings into my blog here somehow.

One of the first pages I went to, not even realizing it, was one of the highly commercialized prepper dried food sites, *shrug* it gave me a little bit of information. But mostly it was jut enough information to scare you into buying their food.

The one thing that I did get from that first site was watching another video, very similar and even a few (maybe the same) clips from the previous video. In this video it shares a senario of China finally saying up yours to the US asking for more debt to be purchased, and the stock market crashing, everyone flipping the fuck out and with in hours every store in the city be wiped clean of food… Then the hysteria would begin, without plan or thought. I SEE this shit, I have no faith in humanity.

My brother was always the most cynical liberal I’d ever known. He said I would die an optomist. I want to believe the best in people. I have such a happy hope for people. But I am growing up.

I went to work the next morning after spending hours online after having seen both of these videos and told my co-workers that I had scared myself shitless, that I had made myself paranoid.

But I hadent. I had opened my eyes. Realized that I needed to just function on a different plain of thought. I don’t have to be a a closeted militia type to prepare myself and I don’t need to be a mormon either, though there have been jokes about working towards an honorary LDS membership.

Some areas I am working on? Slowly gathering. Learning new skills and starting to buy all of the appliances that I need to put up and prepare foods that you should get in bulk.

more on all that later though. you see why I want to do this and that was the point of this post. Have a good night all.