So this totally isnt my idea nor is it my pictures.  But I found this while bouncing around looking at easy tips for getting started with gardening.

I am of the mind that you should start on a small scale if you don’t really know what your doing, buy books, do research and talk to people.

The reason that I think that this is such a good idea is because you can do it in your house, near any window and its a cheap easy way to get started with gardening.

The page I found this on was an untitled document page. I don’t even realize that anyone could see it. I’m not trying to take information from anyone’s page (If you know the address that this page came from, please let me know and I will give proper kudo’s, its just that I found this at work, saved all the pics and data and emailed it to myself. Its easier than making notes (which I do a lot, but notes are time consuming) Bookmarking ar work is difficult because I cannot research further from home.

I appreciate finding things like this though and being able to share it, I think over all it enhances the ability to share without having to charge anyone for what I find, and it makes it easier for people just starting out to find all of the information they are looking for without finding snippets of information in 100 different places (or more).

Window Garden Planter

Utilizing Rubbermaid containers for planters -

Rubbermaid Roughneck Hi-Top 54-Gallon Storage Box

Product Height (in.) : 21.5
Product Length (in.) : 42.5 in
Product Width (in.) : 18.6 in

Model # FG3A05H2MICBL

Store SKU # 801975

Price $20 each

You can find these at Home Depot

The set up shown used 6 containers and 20 backs of potting soil, on a window facing south.

For drainage use a 1/4 inch drill in these locations

This rubbermaid container works ideal in these locations so the water does not pool at the bottom

The lid then works as a perfect drain pan

Fits perfectly underneath the planter

Each container held 3 1/3 bags of 1.5 cu ft of potting soil

The handles have holes so you want to be just below the handles

Planters now ready to be planted with seeds

Each planter now has approximately 11 to 12 inches depth of soil

Plant seeds in 3 rows 5 inches apart (20 inch width divided by 4 sections equals 5 inches)


Results from planting on 03-11-2011





Ready to eat

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