So I tried to sprouting before, sort of. I  talked about it before “Oregano Sprouts” But they died.

I bought this sprout pack and seeds like 3 months ago I think. Never used it because I just hadn’t had time. Till now.

So here is my adventure in sprouting, that actually worked! “I didn’t kill them!!!” (I have such a black thumb)

So here’s what we start with.

It came with Really easy instructions. Though I did do a lot of ready and bought a few books about sprouting also, I like having a lot of information on the new things I try. But these instructions will be more than enough to get the same results I did.

This is just a view of the tray upide down, how they fit together.

When I bought the seed tray I bought a variety of seed. I did that because I wanted to be able to try a bunch of different kinds of seed without having to buy them in bulk.

You can also grow a variety of sprouts together at once.

You can buy seeds from your local store, sometimes even in bulk (check your local organic markets they tend to carry a lot of this type of thing in their bulk bins. I bought the larger bag of mung beans from my local Chinese grocery store.

So I measured out 1 1/2 tablespoons of alfalfa sprouts.

Put the rest in ziplock bag for next time.

Then I put the seeds in water to soak.

As per the simple instructions, here’s a snap of the chart.

Here is what they looked like fter 7 hours of soaking (its about 1am when I took this picture.) See how much  bigger they are?

then I rinsed them, the water was kind of tan-ish, they really need to be rinsed well.

Then I covered and left on the window sill until the net morning around 11am. (No I don’t know the times of day for everything but I remember the begining times atleast up until this point, because they were left for 10 hours before I uncovered them out to be rinsed.

I was so excited that they were growing, I brought them to D to show them to him.

This is the evening of day 2 (rinsing them twice a day).

Day 3.

Day 4.

Day 5.

Morning of day 6.

Lunch day 6. So yummy! I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed away hulls and then drained really well, the refrigerated for 4 or 5 hours. Its a little bit of deli turkey meat, about a tablespoon of cream cheese and a good handful of sprouts on homemade bread.

It really wasn’t that hard. I hope you have as much fun and enjoy sprouts as much as I do. Because I love sprouts and this was WAY cheaper than buying them!!!

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