I should start by saying that I apologize, my personal blog has become the home of everything and I have stayed on top of the comments there.

I talk a lot about my food prep on my facebook and on my personal blog. I’ve considered and will talk more about possibly tarting a food Storage page on facebook or doing an internet radio show.

As far as the comments here, there were more than 4,000 almost 5. I just couldn’t wade through them all to find the couple hundred that were valid to approve them and let them through. I will stay on top of them in the future.

Food storage is important to me. I live it, it encompasses a large part of my life. I just havent been blogging about the latest finds and recipes as I should be.

I installed a plugin for filtering comments that don’t belong on my page, so it should be easier to wade through it.

You are also about to email me at info@prepperjew.com, if you would like and I would be happy to get back to you. Questions are totally welcome.

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