Organizing my spice/staple pantry became really important because I don’t have a large kitchen, we have a large house but the kitchen isnt definitely not the reason that the house was chosen.

So any how. The reason I needed better organization in my pantry was that I always had to move stuff to find what I was looking for.

I wish that I had a before picture, but I wasn’t thinking about that when I started.

since I took this picture I have been back to Ikea and actually purchased MORE organizational “stuff”  but as you can see in this picture, I have 3 double level lazy susan’s for spices and on the shelf above that there are 3 three tiered can organizers (they look like little steps) It makes it SO much easier to find things.

When you are storing food, its really important to keep track of everything, knowing what you have on hand and what you have opened.

I also really like the door unit, it doesnt pit the smaller sized door so from here on out we will have to close that door first, which to me is just not that big a deal. The door shelving makes it a lot easier to put boxed goods. Its like having a complete additional shelf that I don’t have to push things out of the way to find.

Also if you look at the top shelf you can see some cereal containers, I’ve bought several more of those for cereal and other dry goods such as dry milk. I just wont eat those things if they are stale (not unless I had to) so I like to put things in containers once they have been opened. I also love labels and today I spent my day making lists of what labels were needed, making those labels and putting them where they were needed, storing food doesnt have to make your house a mess, or disorganization.

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