Its AMAZING! Its like being able to share all of my inside information, everything from HUNDREDS of hours of reading books and internet research and youtube videos can actually be given to someone who has a very personal connection to me.

My sister manages a gun store, she is very conservative and shockingly we now have a lot of the same views. I never really saw that coming.

Growing up, when we were quite a bit younger there were times of not enough to eat for dinner, or very little to nothing in the kitchen, later in our childhoods we always had a plentiful pantry. While with our mothers and then later when we were older.

She watches the same news I do, sees the same things coming that I do and came to the same conclusion and honestly makes more money (between her husband and herself vs me and mine) and if she’d been able to, she would be done with it by now, but she started later and frankly doesnt have the space I do, so she’s looking for tips, and basic information, she calls often and asks me if something is a good tip or what have I learned about this or that.

Its AMAZING to have someone to tap into, to ask about “glassing eggs” or “waxing cheese” both of which have been recent research endeavors and I will get into them in more depth in the next few days.

My sister lives about 500 miles away from me, so I can’t be there to help but we are close so its really nice to have something additional in common to be able to talk about and share resources.

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