How do you feel about charity? I mean really?

You’ve spent time researching, collecting, finding the right things to store, spending every last extra dime you have on the future of the just in case…. Then the shit actually hits the fan.

Who would you allow to share in your stores? Who would be with you in your home. I’m not talking about a preset list of people who may have given you money, time, or resources to assist you in your prepping endeavors. I’m not talking about family that you are prepping for to begin with either.

I’m talking about those who know you prep and think that they will come to YOUR house or bug out retreat if anything happens? Or those who know they can count on you to help them out.

Here is how I feel about it. I know 4 or 5 people that I would welcome with open arms. I’ve even worked them and their needs into my over all food storage plans and spacing considerations under those awful circumstances where they would have nowhere to turn and have no time nor ability to prep for themselves. These are people I love and who are with in reach  if the shit were to hit.

I’ve swayed my older sister and she already started her stock piling and she is constantly checking with me or asking for resources. My little sister hasn’t seen it my way but she is very liberal, by far the closest to the teenager she once was, she truly believes that in a time of great need, the government will be there for us, will feed us and keep us safe. Over the last 8 months or so I’ve begun developing more and more friendships with those who are fellow preppers. I know that they know what they are doing even if we see the way of doing things slightly different from one prepping family to another. I respect that a lot though.

In a SHTF senario I’d like to think that everyone I know will have taken my advise atleast to a point. I know I have so much to learn, but I am trying, every day a little bit more. I am obsessed with this stuff, it consumes my life.

I will give you ANY information I can that I have and if I don’t know the answer, I will try to find out. I want to give you the same tools and chances that I have in TEOTWAWKI scenario.  I wouldn’t mind sharing a meal or two and a place to sleep for the night. But I don’t know that I could give until it hurts. The reason that this all came up for me is I was reading another prepping blog and I happened to run across a super Christian article about how giving until it hurt and them giving some more was the right thing to do. That it was the ONLY Christian option. I’m not a Christian and although I believe in helping out, I am trying to help out now.

I’m thinking about my only family. Making sure I can feed them and have more to BARTER with but not planning my cash around what I can later give away. I bleed money for this. All true preppers do, even when your well off, if you get really into prepping and not just buying the easy preset years worth of food prepackaged for it, its an expensive and time consuming endeavor.

So pass on the fruits of your labor and share your time, your knowledge. Share your stores if you choose to later. Its a very personal choice. I personally feel like I am a giving person, but in a crunch I know that my families welfare would be more important than someone who happens across our home or a friend whos known for years about the possibility of a crunch and did nothing about it.

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