My daughter came home today from having spent the night at a friends house. Her friend with whom she stayed, sleeps over often (the previous night included, actually) She is one of only 2 of my daughters friends who are allowed in the house per their parents because of what my Hub does (Gun Smithing, run from home, which means there are plenty of (unloaded guns, mostly in pieces all over the house) Parents who don’t allow their children over don’t understand guns, and therefore, in their ignorance think our home is unsafe. Only carry guns in our home are loaded (only my carry gun is ot, being a revolver) and those hand guns in our room where children are not allowed are actually loaded (but not hot)

I digress.

My daughters friend, lets call her Jenny comes over often, asks questions about my prepping and then I assume she passes this information on to her parents.

Well last night her daughter was supposed to sleep over a second night but she wanted her daughter to watch a meteor shower from her house (which they ended up not being able to view) so she invited Katelynn to come along. The reason she wanted them there is she doesnt trust that if she asked me to have them watch it, that I actually would. I get it, a little bit (or a lot) of distrust is healthy.

Anyhow, my daughter informs me that Jenny’s mom is starting to prep.  She has thus far begun with nursing and contagion equipment. They think this will happen within our life times just as I do, but not nearly as soon as I do, in feeling this way her and her husband have yet to start any form of food storage and in being very well off have decided more than likely to purchase multiple years of pre put together packages of dried, dehydrated and long term staples.

I need to remind you that this is all second hand. But they do own guns and have had multiple conversations with my man about his expertise and abilities.  My daughter mentions to me this afternoon that they are planning multiple friends and families to get together to a “yet to be decided” place and they plan to create a compound.  She gave me more details that I won’t pass on because its to much information for you and I don’t like sharing others prepping choices to that extent.

The thing that really caught me off guard was that they have decided that they would like to ask several families if they would like to join them in this endeavor and that they are strongly considering asking my guy and I if we would like to join them. They are only considering friends and family who will be able to offer something to the group. Apparently my prepping skills, my library and my decent food storage (already in place) gives reason and the fact that no one other than my man that they know has ANY hunting skills and he is a gun smith. (I will mention now that my man is off hunting for elk now as I type this, and in a few weeks after that he will be going up to Nebraska to hunt deer.)

Its very flattering in one way. I wasnt aware they were even considering prepping, but I am happy that they are considering being prepared for the worse even if it doesnt come anytime soon. But on the other hand…. I am a little  put off to have my pros and cons be tossed about my people who doesnt know my business my true skills and the extent of anything n my home beyond their daughter Jenny.

In the end, You never know who knows, who is taking notice and who would like to include you, you need friends, you may want to pool resources, OP-SEC is hugely important, its hard to do it all on your own. Try to prep more than you need. Even if its to give and send them on their way. If you can’t… Well don’t.

We wouldnt be leaving our home unless we absolutely had to. Our plans for the next year are goats, sheep, chickens and maybe start considering rabbits. This is for meat, eggs, and dairy. This isnt something that can be just uprooted. I would only consider relocating to another state, near more water, on some land with space. We have one couple of friends with that idea, with the land they own. Its a matter of building the houses we need with everything off the grid. It is a plan, but who knows if we will have time to make this happen, most people including us, don’t have the endless funds to make this kind of thing happen on demand. Cross your fingers we will have the time, if not we are preparing our home here and planning to dig in.


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