I recently had a bit of extra money.

Okay, so it wasn’t “extra” I wanted to spend it on food storage but I didnt decide until I was thinking about pressure canning a little over a week ago. My father in law gave me a couple of pressure canners about a year ago. I have been putting off using them because they are old, and the guages are daunting. I was afraid that they would be off, and they way that my pressure canner gauges is different than my smaller new one (or any of the others I see online, except the ones that are antiques like mine.)

For several months my father-in-law, then my guy told me that they would get me pressure gauges but they never seemed to get around to it. Recently one of my prepper friends told me that I should just test my All American Pressure Canner, because they are very reliable and accurate. I also found out that they sell everything to replace all the parts on their website.

So I test it, although I have to adjust the temp often and tap the gauge occasionally to ensure its accurately telling me the pressure it seemed to be working very well.

After I tested it, when I made the chili, I didn’t have to adjust the temp on the stove as often, I think it may be a matter of getting used to it, finding what works with your stove, and with your gear.

I digress.

Tattler Lids are reusable. They are plastic lids that are dish washable with rubber gaskets. I highly suggest that you still purchase disposable lids regularly because if your anything like me, you will want to be able to give a jar of jam (or other things) away without worrying about lids coming back to you. I purchased 200 lids, half regular mouth, half wide mouth, with the rubber gaskets that went with them. You can purchase more rubber gaskets if you want (because you shouldn’t use them if they become brittle, torn, or stretched, they don’t seal properly if they are worn) I got them extremely quickly.

I ordered a square ladle from the same website for $12.95 but I really disliked it, when I opened the box it was covered in thick bubble wrap and while trying to uncover it, it folded in half, I wrote them, complaining about the flimsy nature and told them that I was disappointed that they would sell something so shoddy after all of the wonderful things I’d heard about them. They offered to send me another and I requested replacement rubber gaskets instead and they agreed. So though I was disappointed, I was really happy about the way it was dealt with.


So here is how we started, 3 lbs of dried beans. 2 lbs navy beans, 1 pound pinto beans.  Brought to a boil, rinsed, brought to a boil again and simmered for about half an hour.

Then I browned 6 lbs of ground turkey, 3lbs at a time. It was 85/15 fat ratio.

Then i diced 3 medium onions and cooked them until they were soft.

Then I drained the fat from the ground turkey.

After draining the meat, and the beans, I added it all together with 3 small cans of tomato paste, 6 cans of crushed tomatoes, about 2 cups of frozen corn, and all of the seasonings. Whoops, sorry I forgot to take a picture of the corn.

At this point, the beans are somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4 of the way cooked. I put it into 2 larger pots because it wouldnt all fit in one pot. I should also mention that I added several cups of water, about 6 cups, since the beans weren’t completely cooked and I didnt want it to all dry out.

Here is a few pictures of the tattler lids.

I bought them in bulk so I didnt get individual boxes (I’m still trying to figure out where I should store them regularly while I am not using them. (It may seem odd but I have a largish laundry room and I’ve got about 15 boxes of my jars in there – I also have probably another 180 upstairs in my dining room on a few shelves.) Room to find places to store things like this can be difficult from time to time.

Then I pressure canned at between 11 and 12 pounds for 90 minutes.

Then after it was cooked…

One of them didnt seal properly. I filled it with an inch of head space but I think that because the beans swelled, It caused there to not be enough head space to create a vacuum.

Tasted great though. I had to process a second batch for the second pot because even though I did quart jars, I had so much I needed to have a second round of processing for it. I’m still trying to decide in the end if I prefer these tattler lids for pressure canning or not, I don’t feel 100% about it. It could just be that I haven’t used them enough to really have a good feel for strong seal. Though after I removed the rins and wiped the lids down, I was able to pick up the jars by just gripping the tattler lids, proving that they are strongly sealed, I just need to become more comfortable with them I guess.

Again, I give away A LOT of jam. Or my guy does atleast, he has a lot of customers and he seems to give them out so often that when I make jam, he buys all the jars for it.

I looked this recipe up, I adjusted some of the spices, I added the corn and I used turkey rather than ground beef, but I read several articles on changing all of those ingredients before I did it, to ensure safety and to make sure that canning chili with beans was okay. Its really important to to research recipes there are plenty of books and recipes online and other forums if you want to make changes and want to ensure that that are safe changes. When I have time, I will add recipes to the site.

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