So I have been thinking about writing another blog for a while. I started with journals as a kid. I kept my journals for about 8 years ( ages 12-20) but when my mother died I was about 20 1/2  and I threw out every diary I had ever written. I shouldn’t have, but grief makes you do silly shit and at the time….. they didn’t matter, they were small…. meaningless.  They still are, really, sometimes though I wish I had them to go back into.

Then in 2006 I started an account, which didn’t last because they had just so many rules. So I started a Livejournal account. One of my friends had a live journal account and all of her friend and a bunch of mine kept asking me what my screen name was so they could add me…So I kept one, for about 3 years, and then I got a domain and set up wordpress and I loved it!!!!  No limits, no bullshit rules, no one to please. I loved it.

I hosted my wordpress on a friends hosting server. When he quit, I backed it all up, I half assed purchased and meant to set it back up, but did I actually get back around to it? Nope. Not till now.

So I am starting 3 blogs. I find the need to blog 3 fold. I will explain….

1.)Although my life is an intricate web and they will all interweave (the blogs I mean) from time to time, I have very defined needs in blogs. I shall explain…

2.) I want to talk about prepping, all my research and the new things I try and read, the plans I have mapped out and how things have worked for me. Also the reasons I feel strongly about prepping. So many people (dear god I don’t mean everyone) feel the need to half assed explain their methods, or assume others know or have researched what they are discussing and therefore do not give explanations or they are willing to share EVERYTHING with you that they have found works, doesn’t, or is worth giving a shot….. but for a price… I don’t give a shit about the money although I am down for donations for pricing of hosting and shit but I am not really worried about it THAT much or I would have a plot ready to lay out for the money.

I want to talk about my politics which is more that just my ideals, it is shit talking that doesn’t need to encompass my prepping research and findings and some of my politics and ideals are personal but not all of it. Again my life will over shadow other areas more often than not.

I will have a personal blog with my retarded interweb finds, my personal day to day bullshit and my love of family, my kids, social goings on, and maybe sometimes god, and of coarse guns….

3.) I don’t really want one area of my beliefs or ideals to overshadow the message of one blog to another although I am sure occasionally I will cross pollinate all the blogs with the same posts.

I’ll tell you a little bit about who and what I am…. Eventually I plan on setting up a bio on my blogs but for now…

I am 32 years old…. a Jew, a working mom (currently) employed at an Internet company (Guess which one), insanely head over-heels for my amazing man (Who we shall call just “D” or “The Shocker” (the name Shocker has relevance, to be explained I am sure at some point), a beginning, learning experimenting prepper, a conservative constitutionalist, and a submissive kinky bitch. I don’t know how to be selfish, and I am fiercely loyal and honest to a fault, I forgive easily, but I never trust the same… just sayin’.

The reason why I think these things are important? I am slightly warped in a silly and somewhat torrid way, I get that. Sometimes I piss people off but for the most part 95% of the time, I’d say, I am liked, but I know using terms like “raging lib” or “militant lesbian” will cross my lips and I mean then when I say them, but they aren’t always blanket statements, and if they are (stereo types are sometimes in place for good reason) there are pretty much always exceptions to the rule.

I also don’t want to mention something as a highlight in a blog or link to something about a party or a raunchy night with my man and have someone think something is wrong, someone is being mistreated or that they think they have any right to pry beyond what information your given. You can ask questions, be welcome to try… But I am almost unoffendable and if you think that asking offensive questions gets more than a chuckle out of me, please try, just don’t expect a response.

I really hope that I can at least spread on something useful, in the prepper blog if nothing else. If I’m not clear about something, please ask for clarification, I’m down to clarify.

Last but not least. My nickname is “the Jew” D calls me that, he introduces me as “the Jew”  I’m not offended…. I AM a Jew and if you plan to be offended on my behalf, don’t rant at me about it and don’t complain about your offense in comments, its a good way to be blocked.

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