I am sure to update this here and there probably more so in the beginning but I will like to let everyone know a little bit about who I am and where I come from.

I am a conservative Constitutionalist. Kinky. Silly. Full of dark and dry humor. Have a strange obsession with socks.  I’m not easily offended, I don’t tell people what my buttons are and therefore you either know me amazingly well and therefore easily pissed me off when motivated or you just needle and not find anything. I like to read a lot. I love my Kindle but my most important books are hard copied. I love movies but rarely have time to watch them. I love to bead jewelry. Independent and friendly. I like when others like me, but I don’t care if you don’t like me, but most people tend to think I am pretty okay. I like guns, safely and sanely. I am social and enjoy time with friends. Bonfires make me happy. I think sleeping children are angels. I am kind of old fashioned. If I am alone, if it needs to be done, I will do things like take the trash out, but I don’t normally… D will or my teen aged son. Just like I expect my daughter or myself to do the dishes. I am not raising them to be mindless zealots but respect and not making the problems of the world someone else’s fault (In the right I think feminists like to make alot a “mans” fault…. I like having my dates paid for, though if I say, honey lemme take you to dinner, that means I am gonna pay for it.  I don’t believe in dutch, I have been on those dates, I smile and pay my half and never had a second date with one of those. Again I am independent…. I love my man, but he believes in chivalry, honor and integrity. I am fiercely loyal, I believe in honor and the follow through. I trust to easily but if you lie I wont ever trust the same, if at all. If you burn my bridge, we might be able to patch it but if you through a rock again I won’t bother. I believe in the odd. I don’t like lies. I expect more from my children than my mother expected from me. I have high standards but am forgiving if you try.

I might rewrite this…. Mostly just putting thoughts on paper now though.

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