It is VERY important for me to place here albeit no one has complained and  probably wont but I still want this out there.

When I started researching food storage, for myself, a lot of what I did was copy portions off of web pages and then paste to document files. Then when I got 30-50 pages I would print those pages out. I would take the printed pages with me to work then underline and make notes on them, I would take them home and only type my notes and the underlined areas.

Occasionally I would save doc files with primmers or tables also.

I started my research for me. I know that most all of this information isn’t new, when I post or make new pages, I try to give a lot of my personal experiences and what I have tried, experimented with, and how they turned out for me. Most of it is in my own words, almost all of it really. I point out when they pictures aren’t mine, or when I have found something and am just trying the recipe or what have you.

But what I want to say, to be clear, is if you find something on my page and you know where I got the information, let me know. Especially if its a full section of paragraphs or something a long those lines. I am absolutely happy to give credit where its due.

I almost never remember the address that I got my snippets from, they are from so many different websites. When I Google a specific question, I will go to 3-6 websites normally, and MIGHT write down one of the domain addresses to review later for more information.

I put in a lot of research here for myself and then more for this website. I have spent a lot of time trying these things out. But its always important to put the source if I have one, if the credit needs to be given.

Please drop a line if you have questions or a source I should add. Thanks! :)

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