I’m really not into over-sharing my running list of food and other storage items I have and have collected, think about it, no one should really consider making public everything they have stored for emergencies, no matter how many guns you have. But I really want to be able to focus on lists I have started with and how they have grown, other ideas that sprout, and the fact that lists of lists truly matter.

Knowing what you have and what your goals are is important. Having something to look at (Not just stacked shelves and cabinets) makes it easier to form an idea of what you still need and what is missing.

Some of my lists include:

  • Food (further broken into additional categories)
  • Dehydrated food (Or foods I want to dehydrate)
  • Non-Grocery (kitchen)
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Toiletries
  • Cookware
  • Camping
  • Other (Non-Grocery/not kitchen)
  • Office Supplies
  • Medical
  • Books to own
  • Food Storage Appliances
  • Storage Lives of Food
  • Research
  • Tips
  • Recipes
  • Experimentation

This list I know encompasses a LOT. Its not just my food storage “to get” list but its also everything. It isnt a perfect science and it doesnt have to be. I’m still learning. I have already learned a lot and I know that my thoughts arent always perfectly put together but I try and I try to clarify where there is confusion. So please ask for clarification if something doesnt make sense.

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