´╗┐When I was a little girl, we didnt have a lot of extra money. My mother was a “single mom” and she worked 2-3 jobs all of my childhood. When we were are the grocery store my mother always brought a list and in addition if we wanted something that wasnt on the list, almost always we had to get less of something else that was on the list because my mother was very focused on the budget.

You know what I mean right? Instead of 6 boxes of mac and cheese we would get 3… That kind of thing.

During my research I found several excel spread sheets (I haven’t made my own yet) that calculate the staples for one year. As I have found things to add to it, I have, so some things don’t have totals, and some other things do have totals that I have chosen… I have things that arent on any of my lists but I have come to realize might come in handy. I do need to make the time to add them to my lists though, just for the sake of continuity.

So here is my first list made…

Grains -

Wheat – 1125lbs

Flour – 187lbs

Corn meal – 187lbs

Oats – 187lbs

Rice – 375lbs

Ramon Noodles – 12 cases

Pearled Barley – 30lbs

Cous Cous 30lbs

Whole Kernel Corn – 250 lbs

Bisquik – 8 large boxes

Pasta – 187lbs

(Additions to grains) -

Dough/bread enhancer

Vital wheat Gluten


TVP (textured veggie protein) – Sooooo many flavors too, bacon, beef, chicken, bbq, sloppy joe, immitation ham chiplets, peperoni, sausage, taco beef, ultra soy minced (natural flavor)

Fats & Oils -

Shortening – 30lbs

Vegetable oil – 20 gallons

Mayo – 15qts

Salad Dressing – 10 lrg bottles

Peanut Butter – 35lbs

Olive Oil – 10 Gallons

Butter Crisco – 20lbs

Pam – 10 cans

Legumes -

Dry Beans – 250lbs

Lima beans – 36lbs

Soy beans – 75lbs

Split peas – 40lbs

Lentils – 40lbs

Dry soup mix – 40lbs

Peanuts – 30lbs

Sugars -

Honey – 30lbs

Sugar – 300lbs

Brown sugar – 30lbs

Molasses – 10lbs

Corn syrup – 25lbs

Jams – 25lbs

Unsweetened Cocoa 20lbs

Powdered Sugar – 20lbs

Hot cocoa mix – 10lbs

Powdered fruit drinks – 45 lbs

Jell-o – 10lbs

Raw -

Sprouting seed – Radish, alfalfa, and sunflower seed.

Milks -

Dry Milk – 450lbs

Evaporated milk – 90 cans

Canned cream/Table milk – 40 cans

Powdered eggs – 30lbs

Rice/Soy/Almond milk – 6 cases

Powdered Sour Cream – 3 cans (#`10)

Powdered cheese mix – 3 cans (#10)

Baking Essentials -

Baking powder – 10lbs

Baking soda – 10lbs

Yeast – 12lbs (freezer)

Salt – 45lbs

Vinegar – 16 Gallons

Chicken Broth – 10 cases

Corn starch -10bs

Lemon juice – 8 gallons

Tapioca pearls – (med/white)

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