The prepared and boxed food that I added to this list are things that I like and therefore are convenient but they arent really something that you need to store, its really about what you like. For instance, I have Mac and Cheese on my list, but it is truly about my personal preference for the flavor that the brand name makes for me. I have pasta and powdered cheese mix, I could make my own, its not the same to me. Also I know that my Mac and Cheese is not going to stack up to the long term use that my pasta/cheese mix will but its still a nice convenience. I digress.

My prepared/boxed list is as follows:

Stove Top Stuffing

Instant potato Mix (this is one that I highly recommend because there is no other way to truly come up with the same texture without actually having instant potato mix. Commercial processing is the only way to truly have the same texture. I really don’t prefer instant mashed potatoes but when there arent any fresh potatoes, having the processed ones will come in handy. I will have to dedicate a post to this in particular at some point.

Quick Bread Mix

Crackers (You CAN make your own, but its just not the same)

Mac and Cheese

Hamburger Helper (Again its not about the pasta, its more about convenience and the flavors the sauces offer)

Lipton Onion Soup Mix

Bread Crumbs (Although I’ve started making my own, its REALLY easy!)

Corn Bread Mix

Instant Coffee (Not favored around my house but if there isnt fresh coffee or a convenient way to make it in a given situation, its nice to have around.)

Instant Brown Rice (I started storing this because it doesn’t have the same rancidity rate that raw brown rice has. Buts its still really nutritional)

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