Snacks aren’t something that you HAVE to have to survive but it really makes a difference to have a sense of normalcy (especially when you have children) during a crisis, whether that crisis is unemployment or the shit hits the fan.

Ofcoarse from one person to the next, this list will change but the general idea stays the same, you buy and store treats that your family likes and will eat.

Snacks -

Muffin Mix

Cake Mix (Or additional staples to make the mix from scratch)

Pudding Mix

Brownie Mix

Graham Crackers

Cheese Its

Gold Fish Crackers (a big hit with my kids)

Protein Bars (This is not something that any of my kids like, but in a pinch, when you are hungry, they are light weight and travel well)

Trail Mix


Granola Bars

Chewing gum


Hard Candy

I don’t have Chocolate on my list, but I live in the desert and in the summer even with the AC running in our house we have to keep chocolate in the fridge. In any scenario where the electricity would be compromised, I would have to call any chocolate purchased a complete loss, so I don’t store it at all. But if you like it, then by all means, it should be a part of your list.

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