There is no doubt that you should store water, enormous amounts at that, but you will also want to have drink mixes and other ways to improve the taste of your day to day drinks.

Drinks -

Coffee – Whole Bean Bricks

Tea (I prefer bagged but have instant too, for convenience)

Soda – I really need to research the shelf life of Soda in general but we do have cases of soda that we rotate through. We don’t actually drink a huge amount of soda but D’s has his business here at home and he offers it to customers and it is something that gives life some sense of normalcy when everything else has gone to shit.

Hot Chocolate Mix

Crystal Light

Powdered Sports Drinks

Alcohol -

Here is where I know I may be deviating from some of you who may be reading my blog. I am a Jew, and D is an Agnostic. We have no qualms about drinking or storing liquor.

Jim Beam (D’s drink of Choice)





Beer (Probably not in quantity but we always have a few cases around)

There is another issue pressing for those of us in Arizona…. Right now the “SIN” tax in AZ on alcohol is about 3 dollars a gallon and they are proposing that the sin tax be raised to a whooping 15 and change per gallon, which is in most cases is just under what a gallon of that particular alcohol would cost. I don’t know that they will get this through but this is why I feel storing even things like alcohol is important.

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