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Actually it only started a few months ago. Seems like longer but the first week of December, D said, theres something on this forum (that he always posts on) that I should watch.

It was a video about the decline of the country, the enormous debt and the fact that our dollar is on its way to failing. It started with Black Friday and the mindless horde of people who were out to save a buck were trampling people (Like they do every year.)

It really scared me. I mean, seriously.

~~~ I was raised by a hippy. That should say it all but I will expound by saying that I have grown up and become quite the conservative.~~~

Watching that 2 minute video made me realize more than I think I had allowed myself to, or maybe just made it more apparent.

Think about it, a couple of weeks ago there was a blizzard in Chicago (all over the midwest and the east, but my sister lives in Chicago) She heard about the blizzard and days before she went out, got a few things she needed, like EXTRA candles and more batteries and they closed the shop where she worked for 3 days, her kids were off school. She told me they planned to watch some rented movies and hang out as a family. If the power went out, there were board games and batteries in the boombox. The next day as the snow began to fall, people went nucking futs, the shelves of the stores were wiped. People were fighting over cases of water.

Its disheartening, but this is what slapped me in the face. There is only a 3 day supply for the full local population in relation to any given grocery store. (Did you know that?)

My reaction to this video….

“Babe, I gotta learn how to start doing food storage and you gottan buy more ammo.”

See, guns… guns we got. Food on the other hand, its always been one of those things we discussed starting to do, one of these days, when we have some extra money. But its much more pressing than that. I just needed a blaring alarm clock to sound the times.

I soon started researching, online, in the library, and I am a hell of a reader so I have started buying books (the importance of keeping on hand for reference later may be important anyhow.) I have gathered so much information. I plan on putting a lot of my notes and findings into my blog here somehow.

One of the first pages I went to, not even realizing it, was one of the highly commercialized prepper dried food sites, *shrug* it gave me a little bit of information. But mostly it was jut enough information to scare you into buying their food.

The one thing that I did get from that first site was watching another video, very similar and even a few (maybe the same) clips from the previous video. In this video it shares a senario of China finally saying up yours to the US asking for more debt to be purchased, and the stock market crashing, everyone flipping the fuck out and with in hours every store in the city be wiped clean of food… Then the hysteria would begin, without plan or thought. I SEE this shit, I have no faith in humanity.

My brother was always the most cynical liberal I’d ever known. He said I would die an optomist. I want to believe the best in people. I have such a happy hope for people. But I am growing up.

I went to work the next morning after spending hours online after having seen both of these videos and told my co-workers that I had scared myself shitless, that I had made myself paranoid.

But I hadent. I had opened my eyes. Realized that I needed to just function on a different plain of thought. I don’t have to be a a closeted militia type to prepare myself and I don’t need to be a mormon either, though there have been jokes about working towards an honorary LDS membership.

Some areas I am working on? Slowly gathering. Learning new skills and starting to buy all of the appliances that I need to put up and prepare foods that you should get in bulk.

more on all that later though. you see why I want to do this and that was the point of this post. Have a good night all.