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When I started researching, one of the things I found is that using FOOD Grade plastic buckets are very important. I have said this before, and I will say this again, the way you store your food is just as important, if not more important than the money that you spend on the food itself.

The reason that I say that is that many of the foods you buy, you will buy a bulk of it in the first couple of years while you are gathering your greatest amounts of food and then after that you will only be purchasing to rotate. So in essence, the way you store your food may be around 10-30 years for the long term staples. Its okay to save money though if its at all possible.

D uses pickle buckets for his work, what he does is take things apart to work on them and while they are in pieces he will place those pieces into a 5 gallon bucket so that they stay with the rest of that particular machine. One of his customers brings them by occasionally, he manages a place where they make sandwiches.

So I know they are food grade, but I didn’t know how to get rid of the god awful smell. I did some research and some of what I have found works and others totally didn’t. So I will give you a running tally of what I found, what I tried and whats worked for me. There is only one method that I found that I haven’t tried and I would give credit but I found it on a forum and it was only a 3 line paragraph by “anon”

I digress.

So plastic food grade 5 gallon tubs CAN be purchased. But they really are rather expensive, and like I said D has a friend who gives them to us for free. Which is totally worth putting a little bit of effort into them.

I found this basic list with a few ideas on on how to implement (on most) on various forums, not in the same place, sometimes only one idea on a page. It probably took me 2 hours of searching for all of these ideas. I am not complaining, I just want to paint a picture. Its easy to find one or two of these answers everywhere but the biggest one I have found is to use vinegar on copious amounts or bleach.

Ideas Found:

  • used coffee grounds mixed with warm water
  • oxy clean with water left in the sun
  • a bowl of charcoal briquettes and leave the lids on (5-10 days)
  • lemon juice
  • dish washing liquid
  • tomato juice watered down
  • news paper

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So D has a business partner “T” and last night he came over with his wife Eve (Its to ironic for me to just use the last initial) D and T had been talking about getting she and I together for months now. Shes just really pregnant and not very social lately… Makes sense right? She is actually due in 9 days which kind of shocks me that she is open to going out so close to having the baby.

Anyhow… We talked about a lot while the boys drank their whiskey/coke. About the baby and her super cute 3 year old, and work and her college and then we started talking about food storage. She isnt really doing it yet, but she is planning on getting it started. I showed her what I had and talked about some of the research I had done and some of the things that she had found. It seems we had visited a few of the same sites, she is actually really excited about I like that site, there are a few things I picked up there that I hadent seen anywhere else.

So while were standing around my shelves of food storage, I mention that I need to actually start purchasing the food grade 5 gallon buckets and the mylar and blah blah blah (Blah Blah Blah is me making a mental note to discuss this option at length another time.) and she said… You know what we were thinking about is filling each 5 gallon bucket with a few different things, to balance it and add variety. I asked her for an example and since I had just been holding up vacuum packed dried fruit she mentioned dried fruit, rice, beans, wheat, and maybe pasta and said but smaller amounts of it all, say 3-5 lbs of everything, seal them separately, then place them all in a Mylar bag and seal all of that together and and that way instead of opening 3 or 4, 5 gallon buckets at a time you will have a smaller amount balanced out and you can change the variety from bucket to bucket.

It makes A LOT of sense, its a really amazing idea and I think that it warrents more thought. I don’t think that the dried fruit may do as well in the long term but I want to research that too. I have gotten some conflicting information about shelf lives of dehydrated fruits. I wonder if it is the moisture level or the sugar levels or what… Even if I removed that and just rotated the buckets with  a split of rice, beans, wheat and pasta, it may be a pretty excellent idea. Espescially for the shorter term outlook of rotating and using the food storage so that we can use the different basics and change things like the types of beans or pasta.

Its really an amazing idea. Bravo Eve!