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So yesterday I picked up the netted bag I’d┬ápurchased the day before of peaches from the “Fresh and Easy” market down the road from where I live. I totally love shopping at that store. But I think, because of the heat the peaches were angry because overnight they got so soft, and some of them had spots on them.

Now granted, they were relatively small and werent hard to begin with, but they went south fast. So I parboiled them, and peeled them, mashed them up and made jam with them.

the recipe I used, is as follows:

Sweet Peach Jam

Juice of 1 medium lemon

3 cups mashed peaches (about 2-2 1/2 pounds)

3/4 cup peach Schnapps

1 pouch liquid pectin (3 ounces)

7 cups sugar

I was afraid it wouldn’t gel with so much liquid but it did. It doesnt taste anything like alcohol and I boiled it for 7 minutes or so, so I am sure there isnt any actual alcohol left in it. But it really really does give a lot of peach flavor.

I processed it, in 15, 4oz Kerr Jars. I decided to make it in smaller jars because I wasnt sure what I would use it for (other than making thumbprint cookies and maybe adding to a chicken marinade for some dish.)

A while ago, someone suggested smaller jars for smaller batches so that I could kind of test of flavors and recipes, and be able to give them out and let more people try them while not spending more incase they didnt like them. Also I think that being able to make several flavors in the small jars will be awesome because then I can give 3 or 4 jars away at a time in sampler sets. which may be awesome for Christmas.

D has a huge family and they always do a Christmas thing, no need to remind me, I am still away that I am a Jew, but I do give gifts to my children for Christmas, its about family and fun for us, not religion.

So, its super yummy, amazing really. But even D asked me what the heck I was doing making Jam on SUCH a hot day. I told him, its either today or not at all tomorrow the peaches will be dust. (Ok maybe not that bad, but gross enough to not want to make them into something else.)

Okay So I bought a sprouting tray and a 2 lb sampler of different seeds for sprouting but I just havent had the time. I even bought a book about sprouting.

The thing is… I want to get into planting and seeds. I have a black thumb. I either love plants to death (water and sun them too much to often) or I forget about them, or I try not to water them to much to avoid the black death but in doing so kill them that way instead.

I know that seeds and sowing is an important skill to have “Just in case” but my thing is just keeping things alive.

I was at a local grocery store recently, (Fresh and Easy) which I like because they have decent prices on veggies and fruit, and its really close to my house. So I found this little oregano in a bag planting thing. You rip the bag top off, pour the seeds and gently cover them, cover the bag with a plastic bag and wait 3 or 4 days, then uncover, carefully water and place in the sun to grow and turn green….

ITS GREEN… They are tiny but omg I actually made something grow from a seed. This is very exciting. I think I need to take the time to make sprouts now. I actually really like sprouts and I think that I could really get into them for salads and more often on sandwiches and other stuff.

My next plan is a book on the local stuff to grow here and start actually buying the seeds. I need to do a little garden patch in the back yard, its a waste not to have one in the entire acre of the backyard.

Hopefully the Oregano growns to full size.

I’m going to try to read the book I have on gardening and sowing seeds.